“God’s body, you certainly have a heavy pair, don’t you?”


Chronicler is making his way by horse towards Abbott's Ford when he is robbed.

It was a perfect autumn day until six ex-soldiers relieved him of his horse, salt, bootlaces, new royal blue shirt from Linwood, cloak, died fruit, sugar, spare socks and still more. He kept his clothes, stale bread and scribe's satchel.

Of course, his money was taken. Chronicler asked if they could spare him a penny or two for a couple of hot meals. In disbelief the Commander laughed, “God’s body, you certainly have a heavy pair, don’t you?”

After Chronicler could no longer hear the sound of their hooves he retrieved the coins he had secreted about his person. There was some in the stale loaf too, and a silver talent in the jar of ink. He had enough money until he met up with Skarpi in Treya.

Chronicler was lighthearted as the worst had happened, and it hadn't been that bad.

It was still a beautiful day.



A Beautiful Day in the autumn with the corn ripening and the trees changing colour.