A Quainte Compendium of Folke Belief is a two hundred years old book that was handwritten in octavo-sized pages.[1]

Description Edit

The book is a collection of stories and superstitions gathered by an amateur historian in Vintas. The author had collected and organized the stories through years of research, and provided them with occasional brief commentaries about how beliefs seemed to change from region to region, without attempting to prove of disprove these beliefs.[1]

The contents of the volume include:[1]

  • Four chapters about demons
  • Three chapters about faeries, including one entirely devoted to tales of Felurian
  • Pages on shamble-men, rendlings and the trows
  • Songs about the grey ladies and white riders
  • A lenghty section on barrow draugar
  • Six chapters on folk magic, including pages about the eight ways to cure warts, twelve ways to talk to the dead, twenty-two love charms
  • A half-page entry about the Chandrian

In the Chronicle Edit

During Kvothe's hunt for information about the Chandrian in the Archives, he found a single mention of them in A Quainte Compendium of Folke Belief. It was the best source of information he had managed to discover in over a hundred long hours of searching, but was vastly dissappointed when he found nothing in the entry he didn't already know about the Chandrian.[1]

References Edit

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