The epilogue of the novel The Name of the Wind follows the pattern discussed on the page A Silence of Three Parts.

Chapter summary Edit

"It was night again, the Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts."

The first silence Edit

A hollow echoing quiet, made by things that were lacking:

  • The lack of horses stabled
  • The lack of a crowd staying at the inn
  • The lack of music

The second silence Edit

A small frightened silence which added to the larger hollow one. Caused by a man huddled in his bed who lay awake in the dark. It made an alloy of sorts, a harmony.

The third silence Edit

You might feel it in the thick stone walls of the empty tap room, the metal of the sword that hung behind the bar, and in the unforgotten memoir.

For further clarification see A Silence of Three Parts

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