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Ademre is a harsh, barren, rocky and windy land inhabited by the Adem people.


Ademre is located in the foothills of the Stormwal Mountains, and is often battered by the storms that give the range its name. Accordingly, Adem houses are typically low and sturdily constructed, often built into the sides of cliffs, into hills, or as holes in the ground. Adem living spaces are ascetic by Commonwealth standards, but the Adem are by no means an impoverished people.

It is well known for producing the powerful, capable and talented fighters known as Adem mercenaries. It has many schools which teach different "paths" or styles of fighting. Those who are trained, and who successfully demonstrate their prowess through tests and challenges, are allowed to "take the Red" or begin wearing the brightly colored red clothing that distinguishes Adem Mercenaries from others. These are usually sent out to work as highly paid mercenaries who send funds back to the barren homeland to support their schools and their families.

The people of Ademre practice a philosophy known as the Lethani.

Known AdemEdit

Known SchoolsEdit

The path of the Letantha, or "sword tree". This is the school where Kvothe trains, based in the village of Haert. The sword tree is so named because its branches are limber but hold razor sharp leaves capable of inflicting deep cuts on a windy day.

The path of Joy - mentioned only as the school attended by Vashet before she joined the path of the Letantha.

Celean mentions also the paths of passion, restraint, ribbon, chain and moving pool.

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