Alar is the corner-stone of sympathy. If you are going to impose your will on the world, you must have control over what you believe.


Ben begins to teach Kote 'sympathy.' They begin with a stone, Kote must believe it will float when released by Ben.

Ben began calling Kote, E'lir when he thought Kote was being obstinate.

Eventually Kote is able to believe the stone is floating despite hearing it land. The Ben challenges Kote to believe the rock will fall and that the rock will not fall when he let's go of it. Believing two separate things at the same time leads to thinking about disparate things at once is very efficient.

Kote learns to set aside his emotions and prejudices through the Heart of Stone mental exercise.

Seek the Stone helps to think about to separate issues at the same time.



Alar and Several Stones

Alar is introduced as a way of controlling beliefs.

This control is introduced by believing a field stone will float rather than fall when released.

The Heart of Stone let's you set aside your emotions and prejudices in order to think clearly.

Seeking the Stone teaches how to think about two things at the same time.