Alchemy is a discipline of study within the Arcanum at the University. The head of the Alchemy department is Master Mandrag, the Master Alchemist.

It is repeatedly mentioned that Chemistry is nothing like Alchemy, despite that being a common perception.

Simmon refers to a badly made alchemical concoction as having un-bound principles. These cannot be purged from a body like a drug or poison, and can linger in fatty tissues.

Known Alchemical Products Edit

  • Plum bob
  • Glue called tenaculum that dries hard and clear as glass
  • Fireproof Alchemical Substance that is developed by Simmon, reacts violently with water.

Speculation Edit

Alchemy may work in a similar way to fae grammerie. By taking the substance or essence of something and adding to it or putting into a mixture. Thus making the bound 'principles' referred to in the text.

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