Amlia is a student at the University. She is a young woman with green eyes who seems to be unusually nervous.

In the chronicle Edit

Kvothe saw Amlia while waiting in line for his admissions interview, and recognized her from the Fishery, so went to stand beside her. Under the influence of a plum bob, he struck up a small conversation with her : he introduced himself, offered her a honey almond, then proceeded to rant loudly about his irritation with the admissions interview process.

When Ambrose arrived, Kvothe mock-whispered to Amlia, saying "I have it on good report that not only does Ambrose have a tiny, tiny penis, but he can only become aroused when in the presence of a dead dog, a painting of the Duke of Gibea, and a shirtless galley drummer,” to which Ambrose replied that Amlia should leave, and that there was no reason that she should have to listen to that sort of thing. She "practically fled."[1]

references Edit

  1. The Wise Man's Fear, Chapter 7, "Admissions"

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