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The Holy Order of Amyr are a mysterious group known by most as church knights of the Aturan Empire disbanded roughly 300 years before Kvothe's story begins, but some tales and legends imply that their origins predate the Tehlin church and the Aturan Empire both. They are mentioned as one of the few things that the Chandrian fear, but little else is known of them for certain. Master Lorren has the following to say about them:

"The Amyr were a part of the church back when the Aturan Empire was still strong. Their credo was Ivare Enim Euge which roughly translates as ‘for the greater good.’ They were equal part knight-errant and vigilante. They had judiciary powers, and could act as judges in both the religious and secular courts. All of them, to varying degrees, were exempt from the law."
―Master Lorren

Amyr Ciridae

One legend states that the Order Amyr was created by Selitos, himself a founding member, at the end of the Creation War, in order to avenge the destruction of Myr Tariniel (the name Amyr is a homage to the city in this version of the story). Some of the other Ruach joined Selitos in forming the initial group of Amyr, and they stated their purpose as opposing Lanre and his Chandrian.

The legendary hero Sir Savien Traliard was one of the Amyr. Another Amyr mentioned is Atreyon (and the Eight Oaths of Atreyon). Also, Kvothe suspects that the infamous Duke of Gibea (who performed dubious medical experiments on many people in Atur to enhance his medical knowledge) was either an Amyr or worked for the Amyr.

Felurian tells Kvothe that there were never any Human Amyr.


Symbol of the Holy Order of Amyr

The Amyr's symbol was a flaming tower, and they tattooed the hands of their high-ranking members, the Ciridae. The Ciridae were trusted so implicitly that nothing they did would ever be questioned, as it was presumed that the Ciridae in question was taking any action he may have taken "for the greater good." Some severe actions taken by the Amyr in the name of this "greater good" are believed to be largely responsible for their eventual denouncement by the church and disbanding.


Speculated members of the Amyr include the following:

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