Arueh, or Aerueh ,[1] is a distant nation, continent, island, or city in Temerant, located on the edge of the known world.[2]

It's famous for its rich, dark ink, which is valuable and difficult to acquire. It's also home to large animals, whose polished horns are sold by tinkers throughout the Four Corners. [3]

Speculation Edit

The name "Arueh" may be related to "aeruh", the name that Lanre invokes to command the air. It also seems to bare similarities to the Edema Ruh, as well to roah wood, which contains metal and cannot burn.

References Edit

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  2. The Wise Man's Fear, Chapter 129
    "If the Chandrian are listening for names, I don’t doubt they’ve got a slow din of whispering from Arueh to the Circle Sea."
  3. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 3, "Wood and Word"

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