Master Arwyl is the Master Physicker of the University , and presides over the instruction and day-to-day operations of the Medica .

Description Edit

Master Arwyl is an older man who wears eyeglasses and is described as having a "grandfatherly" appearance, with heavily wrinkled skin and a round face.

Significance Edit

Master Arwyl is one of the Masters with whom Kvothe has the most interaction, as Kvothe often works in the Medica. When Kvothe learns he is to be whipped as punishment in Name of The Wind, Master Arwyl asks him to come to the Medica afterward, and at this time asks if he would be interested in being one of his students, to which Kvothe agrees. Master Arwyl is known as one of the more strict masters at the university, subscribing to the traditional methods of allowing students to advance to the higher ranks of the Arcanum. Kvothe narrowly avoids this by being bumped to Re'lar by Elodin instead.

Master Arwyl's only known El'the in the story is Mola, whom Kvothe meets when she works on his injuries from the whipping.

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