Baron Jakis is a powerful and wealthy nobleman from Vintas. The Baron is somewhat eccentric. His wife is dead.

The Jakis family is currently 11th in the line of succession to the Vintic throne (after Renere’s prince was killed in a duel).

The family may have orchestrated the death of the entire Surthen family at sea - Devi points out the Jakis' connection to piracy and states that fact as the main reason she believed the rumors about Kvothe being killed at sea. In fact Ambrose was seen boasting about how closer his father was to being King of Vint (moving from 16th to 12th in the line of succession after the Surthen family decease), hinting all at a conspiracy to get the Jakis family enthroned while removing remaining members preceding them in the line of succession. Thus they may also have something to do with Maer’s assassinate attempt by Caudicus and the prince’s death due to the exact same reason.

Antagonist Ambrose Jakis is the firstborn son of the Baron. The baron has at least one other child, a daughter, who may be somewhat rebellious (allegedly once being found at a brothel).

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