Benjamin is an old farmer from a small town called Levinshir. He is amongst one of those persons who gathers to watch out the home coming of their town's daughters, Krin Walker and Ellie Anwater.


Little is known about Benjamin, but he certainly looks like a calm person who keeps his senses in difficult situations. He has control on his tamper and doesn't make hurry in judging people within a short time.

In The Chronicle

Kvothe, when reaches Levinshir with Krim and Ellie, is questioned by Seth, one of the farmers, who accuses Kvothe to be involved in the kidnapping of the girls but it's Benjamin who tells him that Kvothe is not one of those troupers who kidnapped the girls. He explains that none of them had red hairs like Kvothe and he also demands that he should not talk to him in a rude manner. But Seth, completely ignores the old man's advice.