"Now get that to the Maer. It'll be best if he drinks it while it's warm."
―Caudicus to Kvothe[1]

Caudicus was an arcanist and alchemist in the employ of the Maer.


Caudicus has worked for the Maer for more than a dozen years and is described as thin, with a long nose and curling black hair. He is a full arcanist and considers himself a bit of a historian. He is well traveled and is often hosted by the noble families of Vintas.

In The Chronicle

Kvothe meets Caudicus while working for the Maer. Kvothe observes Caudicus brew the Maer's remedies on an errand to retrieve them, his knowledge of both medicine and alchemy from the University allows him to uncover that Caudicus has been slowly poisoning the Maer with a mixture of lead and denner resin. Although the Maer is sceptical, Kvothe eventually proves his suspicions by dosing Sipquicks with the medicine resulting in their deaths. Following this revelation, Caudicus flees the Maer's estate killing several of his personal guard and escaping for a time. Eventually he is killed by the Maer's guard, Dagon, though it costs him an eye. Caudicus' reasoning for poisoning the Maer is never revealed.

It is during Kvothe's visits with Caudicus that he learns of the Lackless Door.


Many fans speculate that Caudicus was possibly a member of the Order Amyr.

Many also question whether or not Caudicus is truly dead.