There has been mention and speculation on the significance of copper in the Chronicle, particularly its name. Copper burns with a blue flame.

In The Chronicle Edit

  • Jots and copper pennies are made of copper.
  • The door to Elodin's asylum cell was made of copper, and the wall had copper webs running through it. He controlled neither using names, suggesting that copper might not have one.
  • Felurian tells Kvothe that copper knives are effective against Faeries.
  • Taborlin's sword was made of copper, further suggesting copper's significance with names.
  • When in Elodin's cell, Kvothe experienced an uncomfortable, but otherwise undetectable, pressure in the air. This can be credited to the presence of copper in the door, walls, and windows.
  • When Elodin tells Kvothe how he escapes from his cell in the Rookery, he says 'His cell had no door worth mentioning.' in reference to the copper door of the cell.
  • The Amyr shield pictured on the vase found at the Mauthen farm was copper, according to Nina
  • The four-plate door features four hard copper plates.
  • One of the locks on the inkeeper's thrice-locked chest is made of copper.
  • Copper burns with a blue flame.

Speculation Edit

Featured on Patrick Rothfuss's blog, a fan sent a copper knife to Rothfuss. The end of the letter read, "a copper knife could be really useful if you wanted to kill a namer."

Rothfuss wrote, "These guys have been reading the books really closely."

When playing Fallout (around 14:00) Pat mentions that a pair of copper dice is exactly what you need "if you ever have to gamble against a namer."

This reinforces the idea that copper may be difficult to name, or have no name at all.

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