Crazy Martin was a farmer from Newarre. He has been a laughingstock for the other villagers because of his crazy ideas, like digging a well inside his own house. He chose to plant barley in his lands when everyone was planting beans for the soldiers in the war. However his temper is feared.

The Kote declares that Martin is not crazy but "has a handful of unfortunately strong affect compulsions. And a touch of tabard madness" (perhaps a form of PTSD) as he served eight years as a soldier.

He owns a dog and once threw a shovel at "one of Ensal's dogs for growling at him" in the marketplace killing it. He threw a horse through the window of the old inn when the barman wouldn't give him another beer.

He runs a very good still, which he makes with apples and barley. The still is hidden, tucked back into a shallow cave in a scrubby little box valley.

He uses a barter system as he believes that money is dirty and "chained you to the earth". The levy man doesn't take taxes from Martin because he "pulled his full rail in the king's army. Eight years."

Martin nearly killed the last priest, according to Graham nobody knows why.

Bast is not fond of him as Martin used to throw stones at him, once set his dog on Bast and tried to cut down a tree Bast climbed to escape the dog. Martin since apologised for this behaviour, which is unheard of in Newarre.

A tall man and physically powerful. In The Lightning Tree, Kote was astonished to hear that Martin had once punched a Tinker. However it turned out that the Tinker had been forcing himself on a young girl when Martin stopped him.

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