The currency of Atur consists of rasteurs, iron links, soft pennies, hard pennies, bellums, and lord roses. During the Aturan decline, their currency was debased several times in different ways, resulting in extreme economic turmoil and the subsequent collapse of the Aturan Empire. Because of this, the Cealdish government introduced a treaty, called the Quiat Auriam, which standardized the exchange rates for the various currencies. According to the 8th amendment to this treaty, the exchange rates are as follows:

3 rasteurs make an iron link, 3 iron links make a soft penny, 3 soft pennies make a hard penny, 7 hard pennies make a bellum, and 12 bellums make a lord rose. A rasteur is the equivalent to 1.5 shims, half of a Commonwealth iron penny, or 1/5 of a Vintish halfpenny.

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