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While Cealdish currency is commonly used in the Commonwealth, it has a currency of its own as well. Commonwealth currency includes iron pennies, ha'pennies, copper pennies, silver pennies, and commons. 2.5 iron pennies make a ha'penny, 2 ha'pennies make a copper penny, 10 copper pennies make a silver penny, and 12 silver pennies make a common. One iron penny is worth 3 shims.

Iron Penny Ha'Penny Copper Penny Silver Penny Common
Iron Penny 1 1/2.5 1/5 1/50 1/600
Ha'penny 2.5 1 1/2 1/20 1/240
Copper Penny 5 2 1 1/10 1/120
Silver Penny 50 20 10 1 1/12
Common 600 240 120 12 1


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