"Cyphus bears the blue flame"
―A line of the Adem poem about The Chandrian[1]

Cyphus is one of the members of the Chandrian, said to be the one who "bears the blue flame", one of the more visible Chandrian signs.

In the Chronicle

Cyphus has yet to make any notable appearance in the chronicle.

It's known that he was in the camp after the murder of Kvothe's parents and troupe, since the whole Chandrian was there, but none of his actions were mentioned specifically, suggesting he didn't do or say anything of importance.

It's not known if he played a role at the destruction of the farm near Trebon.


Creation War

The Chronicle also tells of Scyphus, a king of a city before or during the Creation War. It's likely that Scyphus and Cyphus are the same individual and those are two versions of his name, origined through the erratical nature of folk lore, as Jax and Iax.

It's likely that Scyphus was king of one of the six cities that fell during the Creation War and that he betrayed his city, causing its fall and becoming a member of the Chandrian in the processs.

Taborlin stories

In one of Taborlin the Great stories, Taborlin is prisoner of "Scyphus, the Sorcerer-King". The "sorcerer" title implies a dark or unnatural power, which might be linked with the Chandrian.

Another version of the story says that Taborlin was prisoner of the Chandrian, fact shown by torches with blue fire, further strengthening this theory.


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