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Devi is a woman who, despite her youth, works as a gaelet in Imre. She is a former member of the Arcanum (having achieved the rank of Re'lar before leaving), and as such is able to level a substantial threat against those who borrow from her with the blood she demands as collateral from her customers. Kvothe borrows money from her several times, and something of a friendship develops between them. Devi has an extensive collection of rare books useful as reference material to students of various subjects at the University, and demonstrates on multiple occasions a ravenous appetite for arcane knowledge. She is accomplished both in Alchemy and Sympathy, and is one of the few people depicted as besting Kvothe in a head to head contest of the latter. Although she demonstrates a friendly and slightly flirtatious demeanor, she has a reputation for being deadly serious when it comes to her business.

Devi claims that her minimum loan amount is four talents, and her interest rate is fifty percent every two months, roughly four times the highest rate charged by a legal moneylender. Later, Kvothe establishes that Devi has no minimum loan amount, and her real business is in creating a situation by which the person taking out the loan cannot repay and needs to owe her favours instead.

She is known to miss having access to the Archives and has some experience with the healing arts, demonstrated when she stitches Kvothe's wounds after an attempted murder (or mugging). She and Mola are friends.

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It is implied Devi was expelled from the University for malfeasance . When Devi and Kvothe clash in The Wise Man's Fear she comments that the latter is very good but questions how he can do what Master Sympathist Elxa Dal could not. She goes on to say that she was expelled because they feared a woman who could beat a master of sympathy while so young.

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