"My parents danced together, her head on his chest. Both had their eyes closed. They seemed so perfectly content."


Ben becomes distracted by a fairly young, fairly wealthy, fairly attractive widow who needs help running the brewery.

Kote's twelve birthday celebration is combined with Ben's farewell party. The troupe entertain themselves showing off in grand style.

Kote's mother and father sing "The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard," written by Illien. The two voices bring tears to Kote's eyes, being so perfectly enmeshed, as did the tragic tale of the song.

The troupe call for Arliden to sing 'Lanre.' It's not finished but he makes an exception in the face of concerted chanting and, perhaps, for Ben.

Kote's mother and father dance, swaying to the music in blissful contentment.

As the sun rises in the east everyone gathers to say their final goodbyes.

In the afternoon when Kote wakes he finds Ben has left him a book with an inscription that includes "Defend yourself well at the University."



Ben is Distracted by an attractive widow that leads to his Farewell.