"The survivors of the battle saw Lanre move and they marveled."
―Skarpi telling the story of the battle at Drossen Tor[1]

Drossen Tor is a location in the Ergen Empire.


Little is actually known of Drossen Tor's appearance, however it is the location of the greatest battle in The Creation War.

In The Chronicle

In The Name of the Wind, Skarpi describes the Blac of Drossen Tor during the story of Lanre. It is described as the largest and most terrible battle of the Creation War, lasting three days and three nights. According to the story more people died at the Blac of Drossen Tor than there are living in Temerant currently. It is during this conflict that Lanre is killed and subsequently revived by his wife, Lyra, an act that turns the tide of the war.

According to the Atas of Saicere one of its wielders, Finol, was slain by Gremmen at Drossen Tor. Whether this occurred at the great battle is unknown.


It is unclear in the text, but Drossen Tor may be the original location of The Doors of Stone.

Drossen Tor is also almost a perfect anagram of Stone Doors.


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