Elderberry is the hundred fifty-second and last numbered chapter of the novel The Wise Man's Fear. It is part of the frame story arc.

Chapter summary Edit

The soldiers who had attacked the Waystone Inn are camping in a thicket near the road where they are drunkenly talking and laughing. Bast emerges from the trees and the soldiers greet him. From the conversation between the soldiers and Bast it is revealed that Bast set up the attack.

Each of the soldiers try to convince Bast to drink their bottle of liquor they robbed from Kote. Bast appears as if he is unable to decide and employs the counting rhyme Maple, Maypole to choose between the bottles. He ends up drinking from the bottle containing elderberry liquor. He continues his rhyme at random things in the environment and ends up pointing at the fire where he pulls out a branch. He finishes the rhyme with the burning branch pointing at the bearded soldier.

Characters list Edit

  • Bast
  • Unnamed blonde soldier
  • Unnamed bearded soldier

Title Edit

The word "Elderberry" refers to the elderberry liquor Bast drinks from the bottle the soldiers stole from the inn. It is also the last word in the first couplet of the counting rhyme he employs to choose between the bottles.

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