Emberlee is a daughter of the Ashton family in Newarre. She works on the Boggan farm as a milkmaid.


She has golden red hair which fals in lazy curls, freckled milky skin, wide hips, pale vibrant blue eyes and a sweet and round face. After some discussion Kostrel and Bast deem her the third prettiest girl in town.

The Lightning TreeEdit

Her bathing location is given to Bast by Kostrel for a copper penny, the loan of book and "three full answers" to three good questions on a single subject named beforehand with no 'equivocating' and no 'bullshittery' with the understanding that if Bast didn't know much about the subject Kostrel could choose again and if Bast didn't now the answer to any of the question's Kostrel could ask another.

Bast made Kostrel promise to not tell anyone else where she takes her bath which annoys him but he unabashedly admits he would have sold it twenty times because it is valuable information. Bast also says he may not to tell Emberlee anyone knows which offends Kostrel so much Bast didn't even bother aiting for him to agree. He also tells Kostrel he can't show up himself which makes Kostrel make Bast promise to describe her breasts to him later.

She observes Bast having his own bath, it is unclear whether he is aware of her prescence, she then steals his honeysuckle soap.

Bast later goes down and finds Emberlee taking a bath, he observes from a tree then falls out. She seems pleased by his appearance.

When he tells Kvothe he knows where she takes her bath Kvothe asks her to point him out to him. Bast is happy to do so but Kvothe then clarifies he do so when she has her clothes on.

He later uses the fact that he fell out of a tree as an excuse for why his hands are skinned not wanting to completely lie.

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