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"Isn't this the Eolian? I had heard that this is where pride pays silver and plays golden."

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The Eolian is a well known and extremely popular tavern in Imre.


The Eolian is a popular musical venue and bar ran by Deoch and Stanchion. It is best known for the esteemed compelation of musicians who often play there in hopes of earning a highly coveted set of silver Talent Pipes or the possibility of gaining a noble Patron

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The Eolian charges an entrance fee to ensure quality patronage, the charge of which is one Jot.  As well as an entrance fee, musicians wishing to play on the Eolian's stage must pay an entire silver talent. However, musicians with pipes, as well as their guests, may enter free of charge and play on the stage to their hearts content.

In The ChronicleEdit

Kvothe earns his talent pipes at The Eolian, expanding his options for making money. He also meets Deoch, Count Threpe, and Stanchion, as well as many other characters at the Eolian. When attempting to earn his pipes Kvothe meets Denna here for the second time during which she sings the female part of "The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard". Denna also meets her mysterious patron at the Eolian, while waiting for Kvothe, whom stands her up due to the fire in The Artificery. Kvothe often frequents the Eolian for drinks with his friends, Wilem and Simmon.

Owners and AffiliatesEdit

  • Deoch, partial owner and Manager
  • Stanchion, partial owner and director of Music
  • Ket, doorman
  • Lily, Waitress

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Beverages known to be served at the Eolian include:

  • Metheglin
  • Bredon Beer
  • Scutten
  • Cinnamon Mead
  • Sounten
  • Assorted Wine

During one scene in the Eolian it is revealed by Manet that whenever an admirer purchases Kvothe a drink and he orders a Sounten, he truly recieves water. At the end of the evening, Kvothe, The Eolian, and the Eolian's Barman split the difference of the earnings three ways. Kvothe later negotiates this deal down to a 50/50 split between the Eolian and Himself.


  • The word "Eolian" could come from a musical mode, Aeolian, more commonly known today as the natural minor scale.

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