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This fake troupe was started by Alleg who was an adopted member of an Edema Ruh troupe that had Maer Alveron's patronage. When the original troupe was killed by bandits Alleg used his intimate knowledge of the Edema Ruh's secrets as well as their original patronage and wagons to teach the same bandits how to be Edema Ruh. Known members were Anne, Kete, Laren, Fren, Gaskin, and Tim.

In the Plot

Kvothe encounters this troupe (in The Wise Man's Fear) on his return journey to Severen from Haert. He discovers, through dialogue, that the troupe have stolen from a nearby village and kidnapped two girls whom the male troupe members take to bed forcibly and Kvothe realised are not Edema Ruh. It is because of this that Kvothe poisons the troupe's food and ale and proceeds to kill all members of the troupe in anger. Alleg is left to die with a sword wound to the gut.

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