The Fastingway War was a civil war fought between two families in the Fae Realm.


Kvothe is told the story of the Fastingway War by Felurian. She uses it to illustrate the malevolence of the Cthaeh.

In the chronicle Edit

In the story, a Princess becomes very ill. Seeking to save her from death, a peasant admirer pursues the Rhinna Flower, a panacea produced by the tree of The Cthaeh. After retrieving the flower and inevitably speaking with the creature the peasant gives it to the Princess who is miraculously healed. They fall in love despite the Princess being promised to another and attempt to elope. In the end they are ultimately discovered and the slight to the neighboring kingdom results in a civil war that leaves the fields burned and the earth salted, causing a famine that kills thousands. It is believed that The Cthaeh's omniscient nature foresaw this and is why it ultimately agreed to allow the peasant to take the flower.

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