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Gerrek is a man that Kvothe meets in Tarbean during the Winter Pageant. Gerrek plays the role of Encanis in the Pageant as he is wearing a black mask that conceals his face. He and Kvothe meet at night on the final day of high mourning. At this point Kvothe has just been beaten by a guard and is lying asleep in the snow freezing to death. Gerrek sees him and stands him up and starts trying to warm him up. Then a women that he is with who is dressed as demon with a "vivid green" mask tells him that if Tehlu and the rest of the pageant see them with Kvothe they will assume that Gerrek and her were the ones who beat him (She also refers to Gerrek by his name which is how Kvothe knows it). Gerrek swears and nods then gives Kvothe a silver talent and his gloves then leaves with the other demon.

Appearances in the booksEdit

As of yet Gerrek has only one short appearance in the series. This the instance that is described above which takes in The Name of the Wind from pages 165-167.

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