"A hundred students left the Arcanum every year, perhaps a quarter of them with their guilders."

A guilder is the badge of office granted to an arcanist upon graduation from the University.

Description Edit

A guilder, also called a gilthe, is the only way to be certain a person is a true arcanist. It appears to be nothing more than a flat piece of lead. However, when touched by anyone, other than the arcanist it belongs to, causes a numbing sensation that slowly spreads throughout the body.

In The Chronicle Edit

Members of the University earn their guilders generally ten terms after their promotion to El'the. It is the proof of a conclusive education from the institution.

Speculation Edit

It is believed by some fans that the guilders functions are imbued by the use of sygaldry. Others believe the item may function as a gram.

Guilder is likely a reference to the country of the same name in the novel and movie, The Princess Bride, which is, itself, a reference to a form of antiquated Dutch currency.

References Edit

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