Hespe is a Vintic mercenary who usually works with her companions Dedan and Marten. Along with Kvothe and Tempi they were contracted by Maer Alveron to rid the king's road of bandits.They tracked down the bandit camp in The Eld and destroyed .


Hespe has short blonde hair and a square jaw. She wears hardened leather armor similar to Dedan's. She has been described as quiet, reserved and hard. She is somewhat lazy about lending a hand to camp tasks. In telling a story about a Queen who loved a serving boy she displays a surprising romantic streak.


Dedan developed feelings for Hespe, and was fearful of revealing them to her. Unbeknownst to Dedan, Hespe was already interested in him. This led to some tense moments while they hunted for the bandits. After the bandit camp was destroyed, Hespe and Dedan discovered their feelings for each other and began a relationship.

Jax's Story

Hespe told Kvothe, and the other mercenaries the story of Jax. She said her mother used to tell her that story, and that it had taken a long while to remember all the pieces.


The story of Jax was told to Hespe by her mother every night always the same. Hespe claims that her grandmother had done the same. If this is true for generations Hespe may be descended from an ancient family or even Selitos himself. While the story may have lost detail or been embellished it implies that Hespe's maternal line once knew the importance of the story.

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