"This is the man whose name has become both praise and curse at the University."

CHapter summary

As Kvothe remembers his mother and father playfully kissing he breaks from story telling, offering Chronicler refreshments. Bast joins them carrying a jug of cider. Kvothe chides Bast for eavesdropping.

Chronicler eyes Bast with increasing puzzlement and when Bast turns away from the bar to face him the colour drains from Chronicler's face. Chronicler reaches inside his shirt and tugs a metal disk out, setting it onto the table with two fingers and says "Iron." Bast doubles over and then tenses himself to spring. Kvothe catches Bast by the wrist, restraining him, he tells Chronicler "Undo that, or I will break it." Chronicler relents and the tension flows out of Bast. Bast's eyes are strange, his feet cloven hooves.

Kvothe introduces Chronicler and Bast to each other. They gingerly shake hands. Kvothe passes drinks to the two of them and brings out cheese and a loaf, chicken and sausage, butter and honey.

Kvothe readies to continue the story, warning the story takes a darker, downward turn.



Amazing, isn’t it?” Kvothe addressed them bitingly. “Five fingers and flesh with blood beneath. One could almost believe that on the other end of that hand lay a person of some sort.