"He’s a well-bred ass, you can see it in his stride! And for a copper penny he will let you take a ride!"
Elodin singing Jackass, Jackass[1]

Jackass, Jackass is a song that Kvothe composes with the help of Count Dennais Threpe to exact revenge on Ambrose Jakis, after the latter uses his status to turn the nobility from Kvothe and prevent him from getting a patron.

Description Edit

On the surface, the song is a ribald little tune about a donkey who wanted to be an arcanist. The pun on Ambrose’s surname was as close as the song gets to directly mentioning him.

A drunk Kvothe and Count Threpe sing the newly composed song at the Eolian which had a thunderous reception, and was called for an encore, which Kvothe happily obliged.

Kote attributed the success of the song in its simplicity. He recounts: "You could whistle or hum it. Anyone with three fingers could play it, and if you had one ear and a bucket you could carry the tune. It was catchy, and vulgar, and mean-spirited. It spread through the University like a fire in a field.”

Discipline Edit

The master's of the University disciplined Kvothe by making him write a public letter of apology. The thought of such an apology was galling to Kvothe. He therefore wrote an "apology" that included all of the lyrics to the song, as well as two new verses, with full musical notation. He then called upon his favor from Jaxim who had a friend in a print shop, and together they printed over 100 copies of the letter. Kvothe, Wilem, and Simmon then hung up the letters all over the University and Imre to further humiliate Ambrose.

Kote recalls that it was probably this particular piece of insolence that was the main reason Ambrose tried to kill him.

References Edit

  1. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 61, "Jackass, Jackass"

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