Jake is a farmer in the southern Commonwealth who often travelled with his father to Tarbean to sell the squash from their farm.


Jake is described to be thick-shouldered and plain-faced. Due to similarity in looks, Kvothe guessed correctly that Jake and Seth are father and son.[1] Jake also has a honest face.[2]

In the ChronicleEdit

Jake and his father were on their way to Tarbean when they saw the twelve-year old Kvothe walking on the road. Seth offered Kvothe a ride in their wagon which Kvothe accepted. During the ride, Jake and his father sang Tinker Tanner and other songs to entertain themselves.[1] When they arrived in Tarbean, Kvothe helped them unload their sacks of squash. Afterwards Seth and Jake welcomed Kvothe to return with them to their farm, which Kvothe refused. They sold their squash in the Seaward Square until sundown and left when Kvothe never showed up.[2]

References Edit

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