"I've got to go tell Jamison I found him."
―Errand boy[1]

Jamison is the caretaker of the University.

Description Edit

Jamison is described as nervous and birdlike. He oversees everything that is not in direct control of the Masters, including things like the laundry, stockroom, stables, and kitchens. He transcribes the minutes of proceedings such as admissions and business affairs, acting as a sort of secretary to the Chancellor. Additionally, he directs a group of students to whom he delegates menial errands in an attempt to maximize efficiency.

In The Chronicle Edit

Jamison appears sparingly in the Chronicle, however his errand boy's fetch Kvothe for review by the Masters several times. During these encounters Jamison usually escorts Kvothe into the Hall before seating himself to record the meeting.

References Edit

  1. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 40, "On the Horns"

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