Jaxim is a student at The University and holds the rank of Re'lar, and frequently works in the Fishery. Kvothe encounters him several times in the Chronice. In The Name of the Wind, Kvothe sells his tuition slot to Jaxim for six jots and a favor to be named later. Kvothe's slot was later than Jaxim's, and as Kvothe was banned from the archives, he was not able to take advantage of the extra time to study. The favor that Kvothe calls upon Jaxim is to print out over a hundred copies of Kvothe's "apology letter" to Ambrose for writing the song "Jackass, Jackass," with help from Jaxim's friend in a print shop. In the letter Kvothe writes the full lyrics to the song, including two new verses, and explains every innuendo of the song in great detail.

In the bone tar fiasco in the fishery, Jaxim shruggs off Kvothe's concerns that the tar canister is too frosty. After the canister breaks do to the outer shell being too cold, Master Kilvin is greatly displeased with Jaxim for ignoring Kvothe's concerns.

As punishment, Jaxim is forced to do the menial task of monitoring the Stocks, the storeroom where artificers sign out tools and materials. Kvothe tries to check out tin, bronze, silver, gold, and copper materials from the stocks, ostensibly for a project he intends to work on, but really to obtain enough money to pay his high tuition. Jaxim catches on and reluctantly tells Kvothe that he cannot allow him access to the materials.

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