Jessom Williams is married to Nettie Williams and father to their son, Rike and two daughters, Tess, and Bip. He is a trapper and is often gone for days or weeks at a time.

He is an abusive alcoholic who frequently beats his wife earning the hatred of his son. Rike asks bast to 'get rid' of him forever though doesn't want Bast to kill him.

Bast tells Rike they can make a charm to keep him away and sets Rike off on a task that will take him away for the day.

During this time it is strongly implied Bast takes bottles from Crazy Martin's still which he just discovered existed that day, lay the bottles out along Jessom's trapline then attacked him. He is left with bloody knuckles from this and sends two children to the waterfall where he knew Jessom's unconscious body fell under the guise of needing them to get 'naturally falling water', he is unsurprised when they do not return (they believe Jessom dead and fetch the constable). Old Cob found Jessom reeking like a rummy and looking like he's been beaten by twelve different demons and paid him to drive him to the Iron Hall where he took the king's coin (joined the army).

Bast and Rike finish the 'charm' and Rike is left unaware of the other events.

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