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Josn was a young man who rode in Roent's caravan with Kvothe and Denna. He's described as having an easy manner and an honest smile.

In the chronicle Edit

Josn was picked up on the fourth day of Kvothe's voyage from Tarbean to Imre, and paid for passage to Anilin. He showed an immediate interest in Denna, flattering and joking with her throughout the entire day, much to Kvothe's annoyance.

When they set up camp for the night, Josn revealed that he was a musician, and brought out his lute. He played a ballad, a few drinking songs, a slow, sad Yllish melody, and Tinker Tanner - Kvothe commented that he had a fair tenor and reasonably clever fingers. Kvothe then asked if he could borrow his lute, which he agreed to somewhat grudgingly. After hearing him play, Josn's face was "stricken and bloodless as if he had been stabbed." [1]

The next day, Denna approached Kvothe and asked him to come with them to Anilin, saying that Josn wouldn't mind having someone teach him how to play the lute properly, but Kvothe refused.

References Edit

  1. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 34, "Yet to Learn"

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