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The Ketan is a series of movements that one can use to practice proper form as a form of training for fighting. It can be compared to tai chi or any martial arts kata. Ketan is an Adem word. While it is not explicitly stated that this is true, it can be inferred that different fighting paths among the Adem may use different Ketans.

In TWMF, Kvothe first learns the Ketan from Tempi

At the end of Wise Man's Fear, Kvothe begins practicing the Ketan again. 

Ketan movements

  • Dance Backwards
  • Chasing Stone
  • Catching Rain
  • Fast Inward
  • Striking Forward
  • Thrown Lightning
  • Pressing Cider
  • Maiden Dancing
  • Catch Sparrow
  • Fifteen Wolves
  • Heron Falling
  • Thunder Upward
  • Open Hands
  • Grandmother Gathers
  • Play Lute
  • Sleeping Bear
  • Drifting Snow
  • Maiden Combs Her Hair
  • Lover Out The Window
  • Fan Water
  • Hands Like Knives
  • Sowing Barley
  • Turn Millstone
  • Break Lion
  • Ivy On The Oak
  • Bargeman At The Dock
  • Sparrow Strikes the Hawk
  • Climbing Iron
  • Turning Breath
  • Threshing Wheat
  • Mother at the Stream
  • Picking Clover
  • Twelve Stones
  • Circling Hands
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