Kvothe's lute

Kvothe's Lute...

A lute case Denna gave to Kvothe as a gift.


The case is long, slender and it is covered in smooth black leather, which is oiled and waxed. It has no hinges, instead it has seven bright steel caps which go around the case, so you have to lift the lid, unlike his old case. It contains a soft, but resilient velvet on the inside similar to a sponge. There is a double-layed rock maple bow beneath the bottom half of the case. The lute fits snugly enough so that no air can get in or out. You could submerge the case in water and it would not affect the lute inside, but the leather would permeate eventually. The maple is thin so that it is not bulky or heavy, and is reinforced with bands of Glanz steel, due to which it is strong enough to stand on without breaking it. The padding is designed to mold to it interior so that any lute can be made to fit perfectly inside. There is a small secret pocket inside, which Kvothe never makes great use of, but feels the need to store something in, so it now holds his letter from the Maer and some other miscellaneous items.

The case was incredibly expensive. The maker of the case implied that the case alone would have cost as much as a lute crafted of silver. It was his only item (along with what was stored inside the case) to survive the trip to Vintas, and has saved his life at least once.

Significance to Kvothe

Denna showed a true advance in her relationship with Kvothe, going so far as to sell an extremely precious emerald necklace to finance the costs. Obviously making it of great importance to Kvothe, as the first tangible step in their relationship.

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