Kvothe's lute

Kvothe's Lute...

A lute case Denna gave to Kvothe as a gift.

Description Edit

Denna paid good money for the case to be professionally made. The case is long, slender and it is covered in smooth black leather, which is oiled and waxed. It has no hinges, instead it has seven bright steel caps which go around the case, so you have to lift the lid, unlike his old case. Inside there is velvet which is soft but resiliant, like a sponge. There is two layed with rock maple bow beneath the bottom half of the case. The lute fits snugly enough so that no air can get in or out. You could submerge the case in water and it would not affect the lute inside, but the leather would permeate eventually. The maple is thin so that it is not bulky or heavy, and is renforced with bands of Glanz steel. It is so strong that you could stand on it without breaking it. The padding is designed to be moved and reset, so no matter what lute you have, it can still fit. There is a small secret pocket inside, which Kvothe uses later to keep dried apple and his application for Maer in. The price is just under what the cost of a pure silver lute would be.

The case saved Kvothe's lute from getting damaged while he was out at sea experiencing shipwreckage among other things. It was one of the few items to survive the trip to Vintas

Significance to Kvothe Edit

Having given the case as a gift to Kvothe, Denna made it clear that she really did care about Kvothe as a friend, distinguishing him from all the courters she had. Kvothe holds the lute case very dear.

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