Laclith is a huntsman who travelled a time with Lord Greyfallow's Men.[1]

Description Edit

During Kvothe's childhood Laclith travelled with the troupe for nearly a whole season. He taught Kvothe about woodcraft,[1] and everything he knew about surviving in the wilderness. Kvothe described him as plain-faced.[2]

In the Chronicle Edit

After Kvothe's troupe was killed by The Chandrian, Kvothe wandered deep into the forest and slept. He dreamed he was walking through the forest with Laclith who taught him about which plants and fruits in the forest are safe or harmful to eat, and how to set traps to catch animals. During his demonstration of setting a snare Laclith turned into Abenthy, after which Kvothe awoke. In the following months Kvothe managed to survive in the forest using instructions he remembered from Laclith.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • According to Caudicus, the Lacliths are an offshoot of the Lackless noble family in the South, who "slowly spiraled into obscurity" after the Lockless family splintered.[3] It is unknown whether Laclith belong to the Laclith family or the usage of the same name is just a coincidence.

References Edit

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