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In Temerant, most nations have developed a unique language.

List of languages Edit

The following is a list of languages known throughout the history of Temerant.

The Archives potentially contains the knowledge to learn any language. However some languages, such as Yillish are old languages that very few people speak, and thus are difficult to learn without proper instruction. There are potentially very many more languages that have just not been explained and many more dialects in those.

Unknown terms Edit

The following is a list of terms or phrases used by individuals in Temerant. The language of the terms are unknown.

Term Meaning
Aroi te denna-leyan Abjuration against demons, not Temic "denna-leyan" might be a word for dennerling[1]
Celum Tinture Title of a Chemistry or Alchemy text.
Lhin ta Lu soren hea Kvothe says this when testing Chronicler[2]. Lhin, though, is a Siaru word.
kvothe To know (as told to Kvothe by his father) [2]
gilthe Arcanum guilder[3]
Ferula Haliax uses this word to injure and control Cinder, it may be his true Name[4] or even a slightly modified version of Ferule, to avoid saying Cinder's true name more than once in the telling of his story.
blac Battle[5]
Silanxi The name of stone in Skarpi's story[5]
Aeruh The name of air in Skarpi's story[5]
Andan Anger[6]
Cyaerbasalien Elodin uses this to break a wall in the crockery. Unknown[7]. "Cyae" has already been noted as Yllish.
Regium Ignaul Neratum Bone-tar. Actual translation unknown.[8]
E'lir see-er[9][10]
Re'lar Speaker[9]
El'the Third rank of student in the Arcanum. Unknown
Valaritas Enscribed on the four-plate door. Unknown
Quoyan Wind[11][12]
Hayel House[11][12]
"Skethe te retaa van" Kvothe swears with this phrase, Unknown.[13]. Used immediately before Kvothe says to Denna, "Lock up your sons and daughters", after Denna claims her date is a Lord. Vashet calls Kvothe a "twiggy little skeeth", presumably in Aturan.
Auri Kvothe says it means sunny, but doesn't know where he learned it or the language[14]
En Temerant Voistra Book title. Temerant is the name of the world in which The Kingkiller Chronicle takes place. Unknown[15]
Tirani a thinker (the name of a game that Puppet talks about[10]
Edro Open[16]. Probably a loanword from Sindarin.
Ludis Name of the moon in Hespe's story[17]

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