Under the sword tree by lunnarisaku-d6dvmdc

kvothe and sword tree

The Latantha, or Sword Tree, is a species of tree native to Ademre. It is sacred to the Adem people, and gives its name to the school of fighting based in Haert.

The way of the Latantha is one of many paths of study that the Adem teach in their fighting instruction. It is also one of the oldest paths of study. The Latantha is one of many schools that teach the Lethani and it is to be supposed that their instruction is slightly different in nature.

The head of the Latantha is Shehyn who leads the school mainly through her knowledge of the Lethani and her abilities as a leader.

The Latantha is notable for several reasons, the most obvious of which is that Kvothe was taught in this school. Also, even though most warriors belong to only one school, the latantha accepted a very proficient fighter Vashet, Kvothe's teacher, into the school despite the fact that she had been previously taught through the Path of Joy.

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