Marea is one of Imre's councilmen's daughter. She is a Harper who tries to gain a talent pipe in the Eolian but fails in her attempt.


Marea is a beautiful young woman with golden hair and clear blue eyes. She is described to have a voice so clear and pure that it could ensnare anyone from his senses. She has smooth arms and small delicate hands which are perfect for the strings of her harp but unfortunately she is not very good in playing the correct notes on her harp. She holds such a personality that it can make anyone lusty for her.

In The Chronicle

Kvothe, for the first time, sees Marea in the Eolian, playing harp to gain her talent pipes. But unfortunately, she strucks the wrong note and fails to gain the pipe.

Later, Kvothe meets her after singing his first song of Sir Savien Traliard and Aloine where for a moment he thinks that she is Marea who becomes the unknown voice of Aloine in his song.

Marea approaches Kvothe with a view to flirt with him but Kvothe being inexperienced with women, as suggested by Simmon and Wilem, fails to get the signal and departs from her with kind words and promises to speak again.