Mary is a young woman of Newarre, and one of the few persons of the town that can write. She is described as being young and pretty with a smiling muth and tired eyes. She is married to Hap Bentley and they have two children, Syl and Ben.

They are passing a bad economic situation and Kvothe and Bast try help them. Their south field has been flooded out two years running and they had both their goats die in the spring.

In the past Bast had wrecked the inn's fence which Hap fixed. Kvothe tells Mary her husband didn't take half of what they should for fixing it. Bast asks Kvothe if he would like him to wreck the fence again but Kvothe says they will need to think of something different this time.

They come to the inn on the second day to make use of the Chronicler which initially puzzles Bast. The Chronicler doesn't charge them the cost of his paper because he can see they are on hard times.

Kvothe says the Bentleys are proud and the poorer you are the more your pride is worth.


Bast may have had an affair with Mary. In the first book Bast tells Kvothe 'there are a few young wives in town. A scattering of dauhters.' and he tends to make his own fun.

Bast claims Mary wrote him letters and Kvothe implies that Ben could be Bast's biological son which offends Bast and strongly denies citing the boy's blonde hair.

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