"Oi heard they had some trouble up on Mauthen farm."
Skoivan Schiemmelpfenneg[1]

The Mauthen Farm is just outside the town of Trebon.

Description Edit

Though the farm is a ruin when presented, it is still clear it was owned by a relatively wealthy family. It included a well-built farmhouse, barn, and windmill. It is surrounded by wheatfields, pasture, and small stands of pine and fir trees.

In The Chronicle Edit

In The Name of the Wind, a group gathered at the farm for a wedding are murdered, presumably by the Chandrian. When word of this event reaches Kvothe at the University, he does everything in his power to travel to Trebon as quickly as possible to investigate. There he meets Denna where he learns she was the only eye witness to the event. She expounds on the affair explaining that she was hired by Master Ash to play her lyre for the reception. Supposedly, while disposed in discussion with Master Ash, she heard a lot of commotion and spotted the blue flame. Upon further examination she saw it was an attack and fled. However, it is subsequently revealed that her to-be patron violently incapacitated her following this discovery. The townfolk describe the wounds of the victims at the Mauthen Farm as those of knives or swords, this is notably similar to the description of the attack on Kvothe's Troupe.

During this escapade Kvothe is forced to dispatch an insane Draccus roaming the area. Afterward, he meets Nina, who offers him information about the elusive Chandrian in the form of a drawing she seen on an ancient pot that the Mauthen Family dug up. It elucidates the Chandrian, their signs, and a possible ciridae, the meaning of the depiction remains unclear but this is ostensibly the reason for the Chandrian's attack.

References Edit

  1. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 73, "Pegs"

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