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A Modegan longbow is a widely used weapon that is known for its powerful shot. It requires a lot of skill to wield, but if used properly can shoot at the same force as a crossbow, and at a much greater force than a hunter's bow.

In the Chronicle Edit

Kvothe procures a crossbow from Sleat in order to test his arrowcatch device. The use of such a device is prohibited by the University. Master Kilvin asks Kvothe why he did not simply use a Modegan Longbow which would test his device equally. Kvothe explains that it is too expensive to procure and that he is not skilled enough to use it. Kilvin confiscates the crossbow from Kvothe and adds it to the Stocks.

In The Wise Man's Fear, Modegan Longbows were used by the bandits that Kvothe fought in the Eld.

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