"Has the patient been numbed?"

Mola is a member of the Arcanum who works in the Medica.

Description Edit

Mola is a pale young woman with short blond hair and green eyes. She is often described as wearing the dark physicker's uniform. She is close friends with Fela and Devi and one of the few known students in the chronicle to have achieved the rank of El'the. She was previously a scriv under Master Lorren.

In The Chronicle Edit

Kvothe first meets Mola after his whipping in The Name of the Wind. She tends his lacerations, displaying an already vast knowledge and understanding of medicine. They meet again after the fire in The Fishery, where she attends him a second time. It is at this time it is revealed Mola has moved ranks from Re'lar, to El'the. Through these interactions with her Kvothe develops a rapport that leads him to trust her enough to reveal to her the existance of Auri. He introduces the two after the Fishery incident so that Mola can inspect Auri for injuries. After careful consideration, she agrees to keep her presence in the Underthing a secret. Mola also doctors Kvothe's wounds after his second whipping at the end of Name of the Wind.

In The Wise Man's Fear, Mola helps Kvothe destroy the clay simulacrum that Ambrose uses to perform malfeasance against him.

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