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"Four months... That can be a lifetime if you're waiting for something."
Kote to Graham[src]

Months are made up of forty-four days, or four spans, that create the calender year of Temerant.


According to the appendix in the German and Brazilian editions of The Name of the Wind, there are eight months in a year. The names of each month are listed as:

  1. Thaw*
  2. Equis
  3. Caitelyn
  4. Solace (German) or Solaz (Brazilian)
  5. Lannis (German) or Lanis (Brazilian)
  6. Reaping*
  7. Fallow*
  8. Dearth*

*These names are translated to Portuguese on the Brazilian edition

In addition, there are seven days of "High Mourning" (the last one being the winter's solstice) at the end of each year, making a full year 359 days.

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