"It sat among the tall mountains of the world like a gem on the crown of a king."
―Description of Myr Tariniel[1]

Myr Tariniel, the shining city, was the greatest of the eight cities that remained during the close of the Creation War.


Myr Tariniel was ruled by Selitos. It is described as being as large as Tarbean, except far more beautiful; full of trees, fountains, and works of art. Its buildings were carved from a bright stone so white that they held the light of day long after the sun had set. Myr Tariniel was nestled within a mountain range that provided few points from which an enemy army could advance, thus keeping it protected through out the war.

In The Chronicle

Myr Tariniel is discussed during the story of Lanre, narrated by Skarpi. Its eventual betrayal by Haliax is a pivotal event in the legend of The Chandrian, and history of The Amyr. In the folk tale it is said that Haliax tricks Selitos, binding him so he cannot stop the destruction of the city. Upon Selitos escape, he curses all seven Chandrian, and as such stops their rampage against the weakened Ergen Empire, saving a single city. After their departure, Aleph returns to the mortal world and offers to change Selitos into an Angel, a being of great power. However, due to the stipulations involved with this metamorphosis, Selitos declines and forms the Order Amyr, vowing to hunt the Chandrian and seek vengence for eternity.


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