Nalto was the emperor of the Aturan Empire around three hundred years before the start of Kvothe's story.


During his reign the Pontifex disbanded the Amyr and the military overextended itself. These two factors and Nalto's incompetence were seen as the reasons for the collapse of the Aturan Empire.[1]

In the generations after the collapse, the emperor was remembered as a failure. The term "Nalt", a reference to Emperor Nalto, is used by folk as a mildly derogatory slang term.[2] Pike used it when he first met Kvothe in Tarbean and accused him of stealing.[3] Kvothe and Abenthy used the term as a mnemonic device to refer to one of the nine prime fallacies, although Kvothe was not able to remember the formal name of the fallacy during his first admission interview at the University.[1]


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