"A leaf in lightning, I shook. And the thunderclap was black."


During the quiet winter season Abenthy teaches Kote more 'sympathy' but Kote is disappointed finding it useful but not what he expected magic to be. He wanted to know how to call the wind.

While considering various applications of 'sympathy' Kote binds the wind in his lungs to the air with almost fatal consequences: the air is drawn from him and without Ben's intervention he would have died.

They ride on in a tense silence, broken by the call of 'Greystone,' crudely hewn rectangular rocks twelve feet tall. Ben knows them as Waystones. By tradition the troupe stops for a break when they come across a Greystone. They are known by different names:

Like a drawstone even in our sleep 
Standing stone by old road is the way 
To lead you ever deeper into Fae.
Laystone as you lay in hill or dell 
Greystone leads to something something ‘ell’.

Kote's mother explains that a drawstone is an old name for Loden-stone, magnetic star-iron.

Ben realises that Kote is too young for the things he is being shown and restricts the lessons he gives him.



Ben looked at the fire I’d laid out, then picked up a leaf, mumbled a few words, and watched a small flame flicker into life in the center of the twigs and tinder. He turned to look at me. “You could kill yourself doing something as simple as that.” He gave a sickly grin. “Or looking for the name of the wind.”